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We are of course happy to leverage our network in Japan, and globally, for M&A advisory services as well as fundraising efforts. 

Innovative Therapies in Japan

ARC Institution will work on your behalf with full transparency.  We will bring your technology to commercialization via the most efficient, speedy and economic process possible.  Our business model allows you to control every step of the clinical & regulatory processes, and own your import license upon approval.  This model can be executed at a fraction of the cost of setting up a full infrastructure.  More importantly though, avoid choosing the wrong distributor and/or losing control to it.

ARC Institution

Navigating market access is challenging in any country due to high standards and barriers to entry such as FDA, MHLW, PMDA & C-FDA.  Add cultural and language barriers, a broad spectrum of distribution options, and those potential distributors' quality, and it becomes even more daunting...

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